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Llachón is located on the peninsula of Capachica belongs to Capachica District , Province of Puno ,Puno region , at 3820 meters above sea level. Rural community tourism occurs more emphasis on Llachon. They offer to the visitors personalized contact, and the opportunity to enjoy the physical and human environment, with the traditions and lifestyles activities of the Community.

Llachon is a community of skillful and fine weavers and artisans, at the border of the lake, which offers the possibility of sharing the day to day work with visitors.


We starting this tour on Lake at 7:30 am, appreciating its landscape beauty and wealth of knowledge of the sacred lake of the Incas highest navigable World, the journey will boat 2 hours and 40 minutes and accompanied by specialized after first guide path 30 min. We will make the first visit the Uros Island, our walk will last for at least 1hour, continue the trip by 1 hour and 30min approx. to reach our final destination, LLACHON community , located at the banks of the Lake at the Peninsula Capachica.

We can appreciate the landscape of the area and the inhabitants, with their typical costumes and rustic houses. A family will welcome us into their home, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a consistent cultural show in dance, music, textiles and everyday activities that will prepare very glad commoners.

Lunch will also host family.

Return to Puno approx. 16:30 hrs.