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We moved in a private vehicle to Chucuito was former headquarters of the Royal Treasury in colonial times , in the main square we see the Sundial marks the time precisely, Pillory, El Rollo, the pool of single stone in gender, the Cross of sacrifice where the Holy Inquisition justice available to the accused and the colonial church with interesting frescoes and paintings typical of the region, members of the Cuzco School, then visit the Temple of Fertility (Inca Uyo ) with many parts made polished stone and used as a place where sacred fertility rites were performed.

Hatchery trout are also visits a mile from the main square. We continuing the tour, we headed to the Chucuito Peninsula, community Luquina (1 hour drive), on arrival we will introduce by a family in the community that will lead us to his house, there we will offer the typical lunch, in the afternoon we participation in agricultural activities, climb to viewpoints surrounding hills to watch the sunset. We can also participate in artisanal fisheries in rowing boats with family, dinner at typical villager and overnight.

The next day, after breakfast, take the boat to go to the Taquile Island, the journey will last 1 hour. Upon arrival we will walk 30 min. approx. until the people have a reasonable time to the tour guide , visit the craft center and then we will go to a local restaurant, then enjoy a typical lunch descend the stairs and take our boat to visit the islands of the Uros visited the islands 1 hour lasting approx.

17:00 hrs. Arrival in Puno.